Flame chemistry development

  • CHEMKIN: CHEMKIN software enables the simulation of complex chemical reactions and is a robust and mature chemistry simulation tool that has been widely used for an impressive range of applications. It is used to predict the fundamental flame properties including ignition delays, flame speeds, and flame blow-out¬†under various pressure and temperature conditions.
  • CHEMKIN-PRO REACTION WORKBENCH: WORKBENCH works with detailed kinetic mechanisms and complex fuel formulations.¬†This software is used for formulating the surrogate fuels including aviation fuels, transportation fuels including diesel and gasoline, green diesel fuels. It is also used to reduce the reaction mechanism to fit into the CFD use.
  • Two-Stage Lagrangian (TSL): TSL model is in in permitting the inclusion of mixing processes with detailed kinetics in a computationally efficient method thereby providing continuous reactions while entrainment and other essential flow aspects are also considered. TSL simulation is capable of coupling detailed chemical kinetics with simplified flow field impacts, while still facilitating ease of use via preparation of code and input. This model is used for the 1-D simulation for diesel emissions formation at engine-like conditions.