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Powerbots restore power after disasters

Nonlinear and Autonomous Systems Lab has been featured in a few new articles:

“We want to have a robot that can universally serve different loads,” Mahmoudian said. …Mahmoudian also envisions more robots working together to deliver power.  “I’m thinking we ought to have 10 robots working together,” she said.  That would allow the system to accommodate different types of equipment needing power at different voltages.  “Having small robots, we are limited in the size of the power source they can carry,” she said.  “You might have robots that are extending the connection, and we can use robots connected to each other to deliver higher voltage.”


Developing Robot Teams Capable of Restoring Power Post-Disaster Reviewed Worldwide


The Nonlinear Autonomous System Laboratory was recently featured across the web in various languages for the work on developing robot teams capable of restoring power post-disaster. These featured news articles include:

Science World Report Interference Technology Science Daily Communications or the ACM gizmag
deutsche-mittelstands-nachrichten Inside Towers Kurzweil The Keweenaw Report Device Magizine
entorno inteligente TechiDec Business Standard Factor Baublatt
redOrbit Mashable egadets iHKN Ingenieur
DeMorgan Comupterwelt KO Phys Org Zee

Blackout? Robots to the Rescue


“Big disasters almost always result in big power failures. Not only do they take down the TV and fridge, they also wreak havoc with key infrastructure like cell towers.  That can delay search and rescue operations at a time when minutes count.

Now, a team led by Nina Mahmoudian of Michigan Technological University has developed a tabletop model of a robot team that can bring power to places that need it the most….”

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