Nina Mahmoudian, PhD


Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University
Adjunct, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Tech
Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2009,
Nonlinear Systems Laboratory (NSL),
Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems (VaCAS).
Research Associate,University of Maryland, 2010,
Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory (CDCL),
Maryland Robotics Center.
Awards and Honors:
– 2015 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program (YIP) award.
– 2015 National Science Foundation CAREER award
Research Interest:
Nonlinear Control and Dynamics, Autonomous Systems, Cyber-physical Systems, Cooperative Control of Multi Agent Systems.

Research Engineer


Barzin Moridian

Senior Research Associate at Purdue University

M.S. Mechanical Engineering – Michigan Tech, 2014
– Robotic Systems: Developing autonomous navigation systems, sensor fusion, dynamic modeling, and feedback controllers for unmanned ground vehicles and aerial vehicles.
– Mobile Microgrid: Developing an autonomous mobile microgrid for establishment of power in hard-to-reach locations.
– Mission planning for heterogeneous group of robots: Mission planning and scheduling for a group of collaborative robots with different performance characteristics and tasks.
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PH.D. Researchers


Brian Page

Ph.D. Student at Purdue University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Tech
Development of ROUGHIE mechanical and control systems.
Brian is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering focusing on robotics systems development. He has experience in developing complex mechanical systems and the controllers that support them. Brian’s current research focus is on development of the ROUGHIE mechanical system to have increased functionality and ease of use. He received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in 2013 and will be going to the Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School in 2015.
Expected graduation: PhD Mechanical Engineering, 2021


Bingxi Li


Graduated Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2018
Dissertation: Multi-Robot Mission Planning with Energy Replenishment
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Toledo, 2013
-Designing a timing strategy to maintain a group of operating robots working continuously through the support of a team of charging robots. The goal is to maintain the surveillance mission of a given area using the least energy consumption or shortest mission period.
-Dynamic modelling of various types of the vehicle, mainly for underground vehicle on the road surface. The model describes how the vehicle’s components will respond to excitation under different conditions.
Before joining NAS Lab, Bingxi used to work in the Dynamic and Smart Systems Lab in ME department, The University of Toledo as an RA, conducting research on the position control of the smart material actuators using dSPACE Real-Time Interface and MATLAB. Proficiently manipulating sensors and instruments such as encoder, power supply, and laser sensor.
Expected Graduation Date: Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, 2018
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Undergraduate Researchers

Previously Associated

John Naglak

Graduated: M.S. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2018
Thesis: Application of Robot Operating System to Mobile Microgrid Formation Outdoors
John came to Michigan Tech after working in industry at AMPT, a hot-test hypergolic rocket engine testing company in Durango, Colorado. He worked on passive ocean sampling platforms as an undergraduate student.

Donna Fard

Graduated PhD Spring 2018
Dissertation: Extending Maneuverability of internally Actuated Underwater Gliders, An Attempt to Develop an Open Platform for Research and Education
GUPPIE Educational test bed: Utilizing an underwater robot (GUPPIE) for educational purposes for middle/high school students
ROUGHIE great lake research robot: Control system design, sensor integration, data acquisition, analysis and simulation.

Patrick Morath

Graduated: B.S. Electrical Engineering Spring 2018

Vilnis Stumbris

Graduated: B.S. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2018

Anthony Pinar

IMG_3045_TonyM.S. in Electrical Engineering – Michigan Tech, 2014
Project: Development of the electrical distribution and actuator interface systems for ROUGHIE (underwater glider).
Anthony is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan Technological University. His current research areas include machine learning, image processing, computational intelligence, and small-scale power distribution systems for autonomous robots. He spent a few years as an electrical design engineer at GE Aviation where he designed many circuit boards and electrical assemblies ranging from small rack-mounted electrical trays to multi-bay rack systems, and now he uses his design experience to help with NAS Lab solutions and various freelance projects.

Graduated PhD Spring 2017


Nathan Spike


B.S. Mechanical Engineering St. Cloud State University 2016
Nathan worked with Clearpath’s Husky robot implementing new sensor packages.
Expected graduation: PhD  Mechanical Engineering, 2021



Matthew Gustman

Mechanical Engineering
Expected Graduation: Fall 2017 or Spring 2018



 Peter Gorecki

peter1Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Minor
Graduated Fall 2016





  Jonathan Burke 

Jonathan Burke



  Jacobe Baily

Jake Baily

Jacobe Baily


  Nathan Beyers

Nate Beyers
Graduated: Spring 2016 M.Sc.
Thesis: Simulation of Scalability for Autonomous Mobile Microgrid
Nathan is a Robotics/mechatronics engineer with experience in sensors and automation. He is involved in Aerospace Enterprise (Satellite controls) and Blue Marble Security Enterprise (Non-magnetic compass).
– Microgrid project: Self-aligning connector, sensor fusion, networking of robots, scaling up to larger robots
– ARTV (Past): Sensor use and basic control
– GUPPIE (Past): Machining, construction, and testing
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Daryl Bennett


B.S. Electrical Engineering

Involvement: AF-ROTC

Project: ARTV, Mobile Power-grid

Graduated : May 2015

Kevin Coleman



Lab Member: 2012-2014

Contribution: ARTV Electrical Modifications and Coding

Corson Cramer


Lab Member: 2011-2012

Contribution: ARTV slip algorithms



Ahmad Elrai

Lab Member: Summer 2012

Contribution: GUPPIE fabrication and video editting


Megan Farrish

Lab Member: 2011-2012

Contribution: LEGO Robot Outreach


Vincent Fitzgerald



Lab Member: 2011-2012

Contribution: GUPPIE 3D Modeling


Allena Greiner


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Project: Mobile Power Grids

Graduated: May 2015




Anne Jarvey



Lab Member: 2011-2012

Contribution: Sea Perch construction and analysis



Amanda Keech



Lab member: 2011-2012

Contribution: Sea Perch construction and analysis



Byrel Mitchel


B.S. Math, Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering – Trine University, Angola, IN
Byrel is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad interests, including a passion for robotic control system and data-driven design.
– Design and revision of the underwater gliders.
– Sonar-based path-planning based on linear feature tracking in AUVs
Graduated: Dec 2015


Guilherme Aramizo Ribeiro


B.S. Mechatronics Engineering,

Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil

Project: ROUGHIE

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018, Ph.D Mechanical Engineering


Paul Roehm


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Graduated: May 2015




Kelsy Ryskamp



Lab Member: 2011-2012

Contribution: Artificial knee design and fabrication

Kyle Schmied


Lab Member: Summer 2014

Contribution: ROUGHIE testing

Colin Tyrell

Lab member: Summer 2013

Contribution: ROUGHIE fabrication and water tank fabrication

Eric Wilkening


B.S. ME, B.S. BioMed Eng., Math Minor, May 2015
Involvement: SURF 2012, SYP 2013, Navy NUPOC