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Educational Platform: Comparing Control of a Manipulator and its Model

This project is developed to achieve control over manipulator motion using a user interface and 3D simulation.
A 3D CAD assembly of a manipulator was developed using Solidworks. Further, this assembly was used in Simulink to develop a real-time simulation. The output of the simulation was delivered to the manipulator as the input. Furthermore, a graphical user interface (GUI) was developed to communicate with the simulation, which in turn, would control the manipulator motion.


Robotics and Mechatronics; MEEM 5705

C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition, K. N. King, ISBN: 0393979504
Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems, 4th edition, D. G. Alciatore, M. B. Histand,  ISBN: 0073380237
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Educational Platform: EMG-Controlled Manipulator

HiroLab is developing a platform to be included in the Robotics and Mechatronics Lab syllabus. The platform uses either wireless Trigno® or wired Bagnoli® EMG systems (Delsys, Inc.with NI LabView for collecting the surface EMG signals from the arm muscles. Arduino Mega board is used for filtering and commanding the servos of the low-cost arm.


Steering Mechanisms in Bipedal Gait

This project is to explore the role of the ankle in turning and steering in bipedal gaits.

“Walker” is a radio-controlled biped that follows the gait patterns of an unimpaired human. The gait data was recorded by a high speed camera system.


Dynamic Systems and Controls, MEEM 4700

Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 7th Ed. Franklin, Powell, and Emami Naeini, ISBN: 0133496597