September 2018: Dr. Rastgaar is the PI for a collaborative grant from National Science Foundation’s National Robotic Initiative 2.0. The Study entitled: INT:COLAB: Anthropomorphic Robotic Ankle Prosthesis with Programmable Material. This Award’s abstract can be found here: NSF Abstract #1830460 , and NSF Abstract #1830256.

April 2016: The research at HIRoLab was featured at Michigan Tech’s Unscripted.

January 2016: Our pet project: Robotic Falconry! We filed a patent for the prototype drone-catcher system that we developed. Please see the Michigan Tech’s News. It was also featured in CNET, Gizmodo, Engadget, WiredPhysOrg, Science Daily, KurzweilAI, Gizmag, Ars Technica, BBC News interviewNBC News, BBC NewsFox News, The Washington Post, The Telegraph, The Guardian, RTPopular Science, Popular Mechanics, MotherboardR & D MagazineProduct Design & Development, TechRadarABC 10, NH Public Radio and ASME. A demonstration of the proof of concept can be seen here:

November 2015: Dr. Houman Dallali joined HIRoLab as a postdoctoral associate.

November 2015: Evandro Ficanha successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. He received Outstanding Scholarship Award from Michigan Tech’s graduate school. Dr. Ficanha will continue his research at HIRoLab as a research engineer.

June 2015: Dr. Rastgaar and Dr. Artemiadis (Arizona State University) co-organized the workshop on “Rehabilitation Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction” for the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2015) in Seattle, WA. The synopsis of the Workshop and the list of speakers are available here: 2015 ICRA Workshop

February 2015: An article about our new agile ankle-foot prosthetic robot with artificial vision was featured in Michigan Tech News. Prosthetic Leg Would Keep an Eye on the Path Ahead.

December 2014: Research at HIRoLab was featured in the Michigan Tech’s College of Engineering Research magazine. Magazine

2014_research_mag_cover_ Research_mag_2014_

November 2014: Research at HIRoLab with Delsys® EMG systems was featured in Delsys’ news website. The article can be viewed here: Article

September 2014: Dr. Rastgaar is co-PI for a grant from National Science Foundation’s National Robotic Initiative. The Study entitled: Co-Robots to Engage Next Generation of Students in STEM Learning. Award’s abstract can be found here: NSF Abstract.

March 2014: Dr. Rastgaar received  National Science Foundation CAREER award for the study entitled: Steerable Powered Ankle-foot Prostheses for Increased Mobility in Amputees. Award’s abstract and announcement can be found here: NSF Abstract, MTU News, Fox UP TV.

February 2014: Research at HIRoLab was featured in the Michigan Tech 2014 Research Magazine. Read more …


October 2013: The Michigan Tech News article on the new ankle-foot prosthetic robot developed in Hirolab in collaboration with Mayo Clinic was well received and featured in many news outlets, including The EngineerPhys.orgScience DailyGizmagGigaomKurzweilThe O&P EdgeMedical Design TechnologyNewswise, IEEE SpectrumASEE First Belland many more news outlets.

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October 2013: Dr. Rastgaar’s collaborative research with MIT on the estimation of mechanical impedance of human ankle and lower extremity rehabilitation robots was featured in several news outlets, including  MIT NewsCNETScience Daily, Phys Organd several other news outlets. 

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August 2013: Dr. Rastgaar received a Research Seed Grant from Michigan Tech Research Excellence Fund.

May 2013: Evandro Ficanha received Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award for his performance in instructing  Robotics and Mechatronics lab (MEEM5705).

March 2013: Dr. Rastgaar co-advised two international senior capstone design teams. “Fabrication Improvement of Jaipur Foot” in collaboration with Dr. P.K. Sethi Rehabilitation and Jaipur Limb Training Center in India, and “Design of Low-cost Passive Artificial Knee” in collaboration with All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi were featured in CBS Detroit, Michigan Tech News, and MEEM News.

December 2011: Evandro Ficanha received Outstanding Student Award for his performance and leadership in his Senior Capstone Design. Read more here and here

Januray 2011: HIRoLab was founded.