Dr. Nigel Browning
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. James Evans Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Prof. Eric Blough
Marshall University

Prof. Chang Kyoung Choi
Michigan Tech Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Madeline Dukes
Protochips Inc.

Prof. Craig Friedrich
Michigan Tech Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Patricia Heiden
Michigan Tech Chemistry

Prof. Robert Klie
UIC Physics

Prof. Mathew Mathew
Ruch Medical Center, Chicago

Prof. Cortino Sukotjo
UIC College of Dentistry

Prof. Christos Takoudis
UIC BioEngineering

Prof. Alexander Yarin
UIC Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Prof. Luís Augusto Rocha University of Minho in Portugal, Visiting Professor of the Faculdade de Odontologia de Araraquara (UNESP) in Brazil.