Welcome to the Human Centered Monitoring Laboratory (HCML)!

The Human Centered Monitoring Laboratory (HCML) at Michigan Technological University was established by Dr. Ye (Sarah) Sun in August 2014. The HCML is an interdisciplinary resort that integrates engineering innovation with human health and human behaviors. Our primary research focus is on human-centered smart monitoring technologies that integrate advanced technology, human factors, and decision support to improve human-centered healthcare and transportation safety.


TWO Ph.D. openings are available starting from Spring 2017. Please contact Prof. Sun at YES@mtu.edu with a recent resume.

01/2016 Our paper “Capacitive Biopotential Measurement for Electrophysiological Signal Acquisition: A Review” has been accepted by IEEE Sensors Journal. Link

01/2016 Welcome Hui Huang to join HCML!

10/2015 Dr. Sun serves as the technical program committee (TPC) member of IEEE CHASE 2016 (the IEEE 1st International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies). Call for submissions.

10/2015 Our paper entitled “A Naturalistic Human Interface for Chronic Disease
Monitoring” has been accepted for presentation in IEEE HI-POCT’15.

09/2015 Welcome Jiayin Huang to join HCML.

08/2015 Dr.Sun’s group attended Keweenaw Medical Conference.

08/2015 Welcome Xian Li to join HCML as a research assistant.

08/2015 Dr. Sun presented their research “Human-centric LED lighting system using ubiquitous physiological measurement”, in 35th ASME Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, Boston, MA, Aug., 2015.

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