Lake Superior Water Festival at Great Lakes Research Center


“The Water Festival enthralled 1,019 students in grades 4-8 classes from Houghton (Grades. 6-8), Hancock (Gr. 8), Calumet (Grades 4, 5, 8), Lake Linden-Hubbell (Grades 4, 8), Dollar Bay (Grades 4-6, 8), Jeffers (Gr. 7), Stanton Twp. (Gr. 4-8), and Ewen-Trout Creek (Gr. 4-6) schools, in addition to triggering excitement amongst their teachers and the parent chaperones who accompanied them.”

GUPPIE: An autonomous underwater swimmer
Students will learn about underwater gliders, the simple physics behind the vehicles’ locomotion, and their applications. GUPPIE will be presented in action to the students and the role of itscomponents explained. Students will then try to design and deploy their own underwater vehicle.

Dr. Nina Mahmoudian, Dept of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Byrel Mitchell and Eric Wilkening, MTU Students,Dept of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics. Location: 204 GLRC

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Water glider prototype


“[Byrel Mitchell] wrote in to share some details on this water glider which he has been working on with his classmates at the Nonlinear Autonomous Systems lab of Michigan Technological University. As its name implies, it glides through the water rather than using propulsion systems typically found on underwater ROVs. The wings on either side of the body are fixed in place, converting changes in ballast to forward momentum…”

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