Nonequilibrium  Gasdynamics and Plasmadynamics  Group

Current Research Group Members:

  • Dr. Chunpei Cai  (Ph.D.)
  • Alex  Smith (M.S., adviser & chair)
  • Shiying Cai  (Ph.D. candidate, adviser & chair)
  • Kai Zhang  (Ph.D. ,2019, adviser & chair) ( Assistant Prof. /Lecturer at Hunan Arts & Science University, China)

Group Alumni:

  • Xin He  (Ph.D. ,2019, adviser & chair) (now at  Iowa State University)
  • Amay Swanti  (M.S. , 2019) (now CFD engineer, at Hanon Systems, MI)
  • Ruihua Zhang  (post doc./visiting scholar, 2018-2019)(now Associate Professor,  Zhongkai Univ. of Agriculture & Engineering, China)
  • Raymond Ulibarri-Sanchez (M.S., 2016; adviser & Chair)  (now Design Engineer, Aerojet  & Rocketdyne,  AZ)
  • Jeremy Bruggemann (M.S., 2015; adviser & chair) (now Senior Design Engineer, NASA Johnson Space Center)
  • Chun Zou (Ph.D., 2014; adviser & chair) (now Design Engineer, High Speed Train Co., China)
  • Xionghui Huang (Ph.D., 2014; adviser & chair) (now Design Engineer, Caterpillar, IL)
  • Gerardo L. Rodriguez (M.S., 2014; adviser & chair) (now Quality Engineer,  GoodCorp Inc., Canada)
  • Matthew Maurer (M.S., 2014; adviser & chair) (now Design Engineer, Sandia National Lab., NM)
  • Limei Wang (Ph.D., 2013; adviser & chair) (now Assistant Professor/Lecturer, Zhejiang Industrial Univ., China)
  • Khaleel Khasawneh (Ph.D., 2012; adviser & chair) (now Associate Professor, the Hashemite Univ. of Jordan)
  • Srini R. Makala (M.S., 2010; adviser & chair) (now Design Engineer, Plastic Omnium,  MI)
  • Jared Hooser (M.S., 2009; co-chair)  (now Senior Engineer at Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM)
  • Hongli Liu (post doc., 2009-2010, adviser)( now Research Associate Professor Prof. at Chinese Academy of Sciences)