CSEL/AFCL Overview:

Welcome to the Combustion Science Exploration Laboratory (CSEL) and Alternative Fuels Combustion Laboratory (AFCL) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (MEEM), Michigan Technological University.The CSEL/AFCL has been independently established since 2009 for the exploration of the fundamental combustion (CSEL) applicable to Advanced Propulsion and Power Systems (AFCL). As of now, there are 7 doctoral candidates, 2 masters candidates and 3 undergraduate students in the lab. The CSEL/AFCL is carrying out several Projects with the government and industries.

The objective of these interdisciplinary laboratories is to investigate advanced combustion fundamentals and meet education goals. The main research scope of the CSEL/AFCL is related to the Propulsion technologies, including internal combustion and gas turbine engines. Recently with increasing interest in the environmental problems, it becomes a desperate problem how we can make low emission, high efficiency propulsion systems.

                                                                                                         Contact: sylee@mtu.edu at 906-487-2559