Welcome to the Human Centered Monitoring Laboratory (HCML)!

The Human Centered Monitoring Laboratory (HCML) at Michigan Technological University was established by Dr. Ye (Sarah) Sun in August 2014. The HCML is an interdisciplinary resort that integrates engineering innovation with human health and human behaviors. Our primary research focus is on human-centered smart monitoring technologies that integrate advanced technology, human factors, and decision support to improve human-centered healthcare.


Multiple Ph.D. openings are available starting from Spring 2020. Please contact Prof. Sun at YES@mtu.edu with a recent resume. Background and interest in PCB design and python/C programming are required.

[Paper] 08/2019 Our paper entitled “An SSHI rectifier for triboelectric energy harvesting” is accepted for publication at IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. You may read it here.

[Grant] 07/2019 Our group receives a Transition to Practice (TTP) supplemental grant for the ongoing project “CAREER: System-on-cloth: A cloud manufacturing framework for wearable electronics” from the National Science Foundation. The total amount is $99,986. Dr. Sun is the PI. Great thanks to NSF for the support.

[Achievement] 05/2019 Congratulations to Mr. Xian Li and Mr. Hui Huang for successfully passing their Ph.D. dissertation defense!

[Event] 04/2019 Dr. Sun’s CAREER project is selected to be presented at the 25th Annual CNSF Capitol Hill Exhibition hosted by Coalition for National Science Funding. We highly appreciate the great support from National Science Foundation.

Congress representatives came to see the demo. News available.

[Service] 12/2018 Dr. Sun serves as a TPC member for the 1st International Workshop on Smart Manufacturing Modeling and Analysis [SM²N]. Now call for papers. 

[Service] 11/2018 Dr. Sun serves as the Lightening Talk Chair of IEEE/ACM-CHASE’19. Now call for papers.

[Award] 11/2018 Mr. Xian Li receives the Doctoral Finishing Fellowship from MTU Graduate School. Congratulations!

[Event] 11/2018 Dr. Sun attended the NSF CPS PI Meeting and served as a panelist for the mini workshop “Digital Twin Technology: A Key Enabler of Smart Manufacturing”.

[Service] 11/2018 Dr. Sun serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE-BHI’19. Now call for papers.

[Event] 10/2018 Our group attended the IEEE-BioCAS’18. Hui presented his paper entitled “ECG Signal Compression for Low-power Sensor Nodes Using Sparse Frequency Spectrum Features”.

[Event] 09/2018 Our group attended the IEEE-CHASE’18. Congratulations to the NSF student travel awardees. Read more.

[Award] 09/2018 Hui Huang receives a BioCAS’18 Travel Award for attending IEEE BioCAS’18 Conference. Congratulations Hui! Read more.

[Award] 08/2018 Xian Li and Hui Huang receive the NSF student travel award for attending IEEE-CHASE’18. Congratulations Xian and Hui!

[Paper] 08/2018 Our paper entitled “ECG signal compression for low-power sensor nodes using sparse frequency spectrum features” is accepted for presentation in IEEE BioCAS’18. Congratulations Hui!

[Award] 05/2018 Dr. Sun receives the NSF CAREER Award. Great thanks to NSF for the five year support for our SoCl study. Read more.

MTU News is available.

[Paper] 03/2018 Our paper entitled “TriboMotion: A self-powered triboelectric motion sensor in wearable Internet of Things for human activity recognition and energy harvesting” is accepted for publication in IEEE Internet of Things Journal. Congratulations Hui!

[Service] 03/2018 Dr. Sun serves as the rapid fire session co-chair at IEEE-BHI-BSN’18.

[Paper] 01/2018 Our paper entitled “Energy-efficient ECG compression in wearable body sensor network by leveraging empirical mode decomposition” is accepted for presentation at IEEE-BHI’18.

[Event] 12/2017 Dr. Sun is invited to give a talk at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. Feel honored to be invited as an alumni.

[Paper] 11/2017. Our paper entitled “WearETE: A scalable wearable E-textile triboelectric energy harvesting system for human motion scavenging” is published in Sensors. Congratulations Xian.

[Service] 10/2017 Dr. Sun serves on the  Wearable Biomedical Sensors and Systems Technical Committee (TC) in IEEE-EMBS Society.

[Service] 09/2017 Dr. Sun is elected to be the director of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Center and associate director of Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC) at MTU. Read more about our ICC and CPS Center.

[Service] 09/2017 Dr. Sun serves as the Poster and Demo Chair of IEEE/ACM-CHASE’18. Now call for papers.

[Member] 09/2017 Mr. Andrew Schunter joins HCML as an undergraduate research assistant. Welcome Andrew!

[Paper] 07/2017 Our paper entitled “NCMB-Button: A wearable non-contact system for long-term biopotential monitoring” is presented at IEEE-CHASE’17 and is one of the six papers selected for journal publication in Elsevier Smart Health Journal.

[Service] 07/2017 Dr. Sun serves as the Poster co-chair and a TPC member of IEEE-BSN’18. Now call for papers.

[Grant-NSF] 06/2017 Our group receives a three-year grant from National Science Foundation, “Understanding and Mitigating Triboelectric Artifacts in Wearable Electronics by Synergic Approaches”. Dr. Sun is the PI.  Read more.

[Research] 06/2017 Our web front end for cloud manufacturing is released! Please visit: http://socl.me.mtu.edu/

[Member] 05/2017 Mr. John Hoffman joins HCML as an undergraduate research assistant. Welcome John!

[K-12] 05/2017 Mr. Sari Fadel from Wayne County Community College joined in our group as a summer researcher through The Michigan College and University Partnership (MiCUP). Read more.

[Award] 05/2017 Mr. Xian Li receives the NSF travel award for attending IEEE-CHASE’17. Congratulations Xian!

[Service] 03/2017 Dr. Sun serves in TPC of IEEE SMC’17.

[Paper] 02/2017 Our paper entitled “Design and evaluation of a non-contact wireless biopotential monitoring system with motion artifacts” is presented at IEEE-BHI’17.

[Member] 02/2017 Mr. Si Liu joined our group. Welcome Si!

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