About Us

Multiscale Transport Process Laboratory (MTPL), led by Associate Professor Kazuya Tajiri, investigates the multiphase, multiscale transport phenomena in the thermo-fluid systems.


Research Overview


Research Topics

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for Automotive Applications

  • transport properties measurement using submillimeter-scale segmented cell
  • water transport through porous media
  • two-phase flow characterization in flow channels
  • two-phase pressure drop in flow channels
  • catalyst layer fabrication using spraying/ink jet printing

Shock Wave in Small Scale Channels

  • experimental study using shock tube
  • computational study with OpenFOAM



There are no RA position openings.


To Current Graduate Students

If you are interested in taking Special Topic credits from me, you should

  • think about the topic you want to work on
  • do the preliminary literature survey

and then

  • talk to me at least one week prior to the beginning of semester.